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Pochito – Mascot NSW Restaurant Review

Having to drive my previously-slightly-inebriated partner to work following a night out meant that I had an excuse to try one of our local cafes on the way back home. Pochito, one of Sydney’s few homes of empanadas and other Chilean cuisine, was next on my hit list.

Pochito, as the story is told by its owners, means the feeling of sleepiness induced by a meal. While I can’t find such a translation online from Spanish, what I can find is that pochito means kidnapping in Russian. Something to think about.

Chicken and mushroom, Four cheese empanadas.

After having a seat at a table of my choice (all tables were free), I indulged in three of Pochito’s specialty empanadas.

The four cheese empanada ($5) was too cheesy for me. It’s a stupid thought to put down on paper, but I’m sticking to my guns. Apart from the cheesiness there was not much other flavour. The chicken and mushroom empanada ($6) was quite creamy, not bad, but not as good as our third contestant. My partner thought that both the four cheese and chicken and mushroom empanadas were missable.

The traditional beef empanada ($6) was by far my. It had a tasty filling of beef, egg, and onion, as well as some olive and sultana that I wasn’t quite able to appreciate. This was served with a dish of coriander salsa, which was delicious.

The Lomito Sandwich ($12) is a Chilean specialty, and really delicious. Included within its milk bun was a generous serving of marinated pork loin mixed with smashed avocado, a tasty, juicy slice of tomato, and a lot of mayonnaise. I actually ordered the lomito after I had finished my half of the empanadas, as they had not quite hit the spot. I’m glad that I did. The lomito sandwich really is special.


Pochito is a family run business, and during my visit I interacted with multiple family members, who were all quite nice and welcoming. At one point during my meal the owner of the restaurant came by and asked me if I was a foodie. I must admit that I was too embarrassed to say that was, and basically lied through my teeth and told her no. She said something along the lines of “I guess everyone needs to eat to stay alive though.”

Sorry Paulina.

4.5/5, mostly for lomito. (Empanadas alone 3.5/5)

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Nighthawk Diner – Alexandria NSW Restaurant Review

Formerly a collection of food trucks and now a real life restaurant, Nighthawk Diner in Alexandria delivers a collection of exciting pa-American flavours. This review will be for delivery via DoorDash, given our attempts to minimise outside contact during the COVID-19 respiratory pandemic.

Nighthawk Diner Nachos

The Loaded Nighthawk Nachos ($12) were fresh and delicious. We thought the tortilla chips were crispy and maintained good structure throughout the meal. The cheese and salsas were tasty but not too tasty. Can recommend.

Nighthawk Diner Beef Taco

The Slow cooked Beef Brisket Taco ($8.50) was absolutely brilliant. The fresh tortilla added a really premium component to the meal, and the mixture of vegetables, beef, and chilli and red pepper salsa was optimal. Can really recommend this one.

Miami Cuban Sandwich

I thought that the Miami Cuban Sandwich ($18) with citrus pork, bacon, pickles, American cheese and chipotle mayo was far too heavy and salty. The sweetness of the hoagie roll and the saltiness of the fillings worked well in harmony but every bite was so filled with salt and oil that it was ultimately ruined for me. I understand that salt and oil in excess is a hallmark of American food but even then I don’t think this was objectively good.

Ultimately I think Nighthawk Diner has a diverse menu of pan-American dishes. I would not hesitate to order here again. 4 taco cats out of 5 taco cats.

Nighthawk Diner
662 Botany Rd, Alexandria NSW 2015
(02) 9636 5039

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