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Keramic – Westmead NSW Restaurant Review

New to Westmead this year, Keramic is a religious café and restaurant situated within a 100 year old (1921) Uniting Church owned cottage, the result of a collaboration between the Kongfucius team across the road and the Parramatta Mission. Originally a family home and subsequently a church coffee shop, the café is nicely decorated with period appropriate furniture, ornaments, and photographs of dead people.

Though there is adequate outside seating with park benches, we chose to sit inside in a well appointed family dining room for our post nights breakfast. I want to draw particular attention to these nice candles that my partner would’ve liked to see. She recently spent $16 on a candle stick from some inner west concept store because she thought they would melt nicely. As the owners of cats I really don’t see when they will come into use. My cat set herself on fire on the stove as recently as last night. (She’s OK)

I ordered Hannah’s Favourite ($15) for my 8:30AM breakfast, a fully lunchy meal consisting of a chicken curry of the day (massaman), sticky rice, and a fried egg. This was a very standard lunch meal that you could get from essentially any Thai restaurant. There was nothing particularly remarkable about this dish – just chicken breast in massaman curry sauce, a cylinder of well proportioned sticky rice, and a moist well-fried egg – though I guess you could say it is remarkable to have such a cultural lunch dish amongst Keramic’s otherwise mostly Western menu.

Keramic Cafe and Restaurant
43 Queens Rd, Westmead NSW 2145
0451 231 921

Café Thai

Boon Cafe – Haymarket NSW Thai Cafe Review

We walked past many enticing restaurants this morning to eat at Boon Cafe, a Thai cafe, restaurant and grocery store in the Sydney CBD.

Boon Cafe has minimal dining space, we counted a total of five tables and not much room for expansion. The tables were small, but somehow able to fit all of our food, condiments, and even some flowers snugly.

We started with a Pork Skewer ($3.50), which was pretty standard fare. I found the skewer a bit too tasty/salty to eat by itself, and think it would’ve been better with some rice (which luckily they offer as a meal) .

I really enjoyed the Chicken and Ginger Congee ($12), to which we added a Century Egg ($3). They got the flavours just right, with a generous serving of ginger. The century egg I would regard as essential for this dish, to add another dimension of umami flavour and texture. We found that the congee was very wholesome and warming, and can strongly recommend this. My girlfriend remarked that as a child she hated congee, but as an adult, getting to eat these wholesome and varied congees has really taught her to love it.

The chicken wings were nothing to really write home about but not bad either. They were a little on the dry side, but the flavours were good, as was the dipping sauce. They were split in half for ease of consumption, which was a nice touch.

The Khao Dtom Sen ($14) is a member of the Winter Special menu, and not to our taste. I thought that the soup had a bit of an undesirable coat-your-mouth feel, and my partner thought it was fishy however I suspect that’s just her brain’s explanation of something she doesn’t like.

I ended up quite liking Boon Cafe, in particular the congee. I would definitely consider going back and just getting more congee! I wouldn’t stray too far from that though (although I can’t speak for the lunch or dinner menus).

This is a handsome little street cat from around the area.

Boon Cafe
1/425 Pitt St, Haymarket NSW 2000
(02) 9281 2114

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Old Town Delights – Mascot NSW Restaurant Review

OLD TOWN DELIGHTS is a Thai restaurant in Mascot with a very focused but delicious menu consisting of only a few choice options.

The interior of the restaurant is a strange layout of a few tables for dining in and a couch for those waiting for their takeaway orders. There is a string of televisions behind the counter, but only one was on, playing YouTube videos of acoustic guitar music. There are also two electric guitars and an amplifier – not being skilled in music myself I did not try them.

Old Town Delight’s traditional duck noodle soup ($15.90) was excellent. The soup had a really deep, rich, umami flavour thanks to its inclusion of an array of Chinese herbs. The noodles themselves were surprisingly tasty, having been infused with some of the same flavours that makes this dish so great. There was a generous serving of gai lan and bean sprouts which added a degree of freshness to contrast with and complement the soup’s flavours. Unfortuantely the soy duck leg itself wasn’t really great – I felt it was a bit too lean and dry, but the beef balls that came with the soup were delicious. Despite the duck being a bit disappointing I can definitely recommend this dish. Absolutely wonderful flavours.

The spicy fried rice with chicken ($13.50) was also very good. It had a bit of pad kee mao quality, with basil and chilli flavours mixed into the rice. The chicken pieces were quite thick and juicy. I had a few mouthfuls in the restaurant fresh, and a few around 4AM that night at work and the food maintained its good quality despite microwaving.

Old Town Delights in Mascot is an absolute hidden gem. Both dishes I had were really good, and I would readily recommend them to a friend or colleague.

Old Town Delights
830 Botany Rd, Mascot NSW 2020
(02) 8339 0889

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Wallabies Thai – Mascot NSW Restaurant Review

Wallabies Thai is one of our local Thai places. It offers eat-in, takeaway, and delivery service. We decided to try eating in after seeing it pop up on Ubereats one too many times.

The money bags (4 for $8.90) were enjoyable but nothing to write home about.

No major complaints from us for the mixed entree (5 for $8.90), although I remember not really liking the curry puff.

The garlic fried rice was really good. Huge amounts of garlic inside, and giant portion.

The biggest disappointment of the meal was the laksa noodle soup ($15.90). I can’t recommend it.

The following are from a more recent delivery order from Wallabies Thai.

The BBQ Chicken (Boneless) ($15.90) was quite good. The chicken was tender and juicy, and nicely flavoured. I like the addition of the vegetables which included broccoli and capsicum, as I wasn’t expecting them. These vegetables were bathed in the delicious chicken juices.

The special wing ($14.90) of chicken in thick garlic sauce was tasty however suffered from the having of wing tips. This made it a bit difficult to eat, and I always feel like it’s low yield to include the tiny, low-meat wing tip with a meal.

My partner was a big fan of the pad see ew with roasted duck ($19.90). We’re normally more of a pad kee mao family, however we ventured outside of our comfort zone and were rewarded.

I can whole heartedly recommend Wallabies Thai, for either eat-in or delivery. Their prices are excellent and their food delicious. Eat in service is also very fast. A local gem.

Wallabies Thai
2/1-5 Bourke St, Mascot NSW 2020
(02) 9700 7895


So Thai – Kogarah NSW Poh Tak Review

Quick one.

I had So Thai’s Poh Tak chicken soup ($7.90) from So Thai. It was good. A bit sweet. Nice to have something clean for the first time in a while. I can recommend it.

So Thai
Shop AR19, 7-9 Belgrave St, Kogarah NSW 2217
(02) 9588 6884

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