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Hanlip Dessert – Parramatta NSW Restaurant Review

We picked up a nice little cheesecake from Hanlip’s stall in Westfield Parramatta, a $14 reward for finding a bucket hat from one of the two outdoorsy stores on either side of it for my sun-protection-averse partner.

This yuzu mini cheesecake ($14) was quite enjoyable and recommendable, with a good texture, thick biscuit base, light citrusy flavour, and of course not too sweet (though the airy cream foam on top was sweeter). It was a bit expensive for the size and lack of any overheads such as seating for the café, but the taste was good and I guess I would just have a different complaint if I went to their flagship Redfern bakery-café and paid more for a cheesecake that could’ve been had for less in Parramatta.

Pretty good! And sorry for the lack of cross-sectional imaging.

Hanlip Dessert Parramatta Westfield
Level 2/159-175 Church St, Parramatta NSW 2150
0432 025 302

Bakery Dessert

Berry Donut Van – Berry NSW Restaurant Review

(The Famous) Berry Donut Van. I don’t know exactly how famous it is, or why it’s a van. I’d never heard of it until I drove past it one day, and I don’t think it actually moves. My first donut from them was brought to me by my housemate and colleague DTC, and my second donut was eaten fresh and hot on the spot – a big difference.

The van’s cinnamon donuts, essentially their flagship product, are sold for $2.20 each, with larger quantities attracting a reasonable discount. I chose to splash out on a donut & cream ($7), billed as “Our famous original cinnamon donut cut in half with a scoop of Serendipity’s smooth vanilla ice cream in between”. As you can see from the photo, this was not what I received. I kind of expected, as per the description on the menu, to receive a ice-cream sandwich like item, but what I actually received was a donut sat on top of a scoop of ice cream. It was, in this format, not so readily edible for one as unco-ordinated as me. While the donut was seriously delicious, perfectly warm and soft and fluffy with just the right amount of cinnamon sugar, It ultimately meant that I spent $4.80 for a scoop of very standard vanilla ice cream which I could’ve had more donut instead!


I went back with my partner for some straight up donuts ($2.20). They were hot, fresh, and extra good.

The nutella donut ($4), with molten nutella injected at regular intervals throughout the ring, was also quite nice, and surprisingly not too sweet. Is it definitely worth almost double the price of the classic donut though? Unsure, but worth the try.

Comments: Just get the donuts. Skip the ice cream. Signage needs to be updated.

(The Famous) Berry Donut Van
73 Queen St, Berry NSW 2535
(02) 4464 1968

Asian Fusion Dessert

Duo Duo – Roselands NSW Restaurant Review

I wanted to try Duo Duo’s social media hyped Asian-inspired ice cream and desserts for some time, especially as they’re quite close to where I’m currently living, but left sad and disappointed after a moderate wait in wet, cold, and dark conditions.

It’s hard to explain why exactly the things that I tried at Duo Duo didn’t tickle my fancy, but the Pandan Coconut Kaya Filled Donut ($6.50) just didn’t do it for me. I’m certainly not a pandan hater, some of my best friends are pandas, but I think what hurt this the most was more the odd sticky-but-pasty consistency of the icing rather than anything else. Such a weird feeling in my mouth.

The brown butter and caramelised apple deep fried ice cream was actually my first ever experience with deep-fried ice cream, being I think more an American-Chinese restaurant invention than an actual traditional Chinese dessert. The ice cream was quite sweet for my taste, and I didn’t love the batter, though I think that’s probably more of a problem with the format rather than the execution, and I wouldn’t have this again. 

I really wanted to like Duo Duo, but I just didn’t. I think I will try and go back and give it another shot this year, since I live so close by, but I will leave the above thoughts up online regardless of what I find on my next visit.

Dessert Groceries

LeTAO Cheesecake – Grocery Review

It took about six months of heavy targeted ads on social media for me to succumb to ordering LeTAO’s made-in-Japan cheesecakes.

The first thing that struck me about the LeTAO cheesecakes were their size. Even though their size and weight are explicitly stated on the website, I clearly did not pay close attention to this as both cheesecakes that I ordered were much smaller than I had imagined, especially given their premium price point.

It was a matter of quality over quantity, however, as these cheesecakes, though expensive were quite good. The melon double seasonal limited cheesecake ($40.99) had a pleasant mouthfeel, not too sweet taste, with a hint of melon flavouring. It was well enjoyed by the entire family, who are usually more used to Savoy’s taro cake but were forced by me to try something new.

The Parfait D’or Fromage ($37.99), a rectangular cheesecake of also very small proportions contained a mixture of camembert, soured cream cheese and mascarpone. The camembert definitely added a dimension of strangeness to the cake that the melon cake did not have, though none was more strange than its dimensions. It should be noted that the promotional pictures on the LeTAO website feature this particular cheesecake being served on a wooden board, with nothing of a known size to compare it to.

THOUGHTS AND FEELINGS These LeTAO were pretty good, classically not too sweet given their East Asian origins, and definitely an interesting change up from the classic sponge cake that might rule your family traditions. Their price point and small size are however quite challenging, and important to consider for anyone planning to feed more than a few people.

LeTAO Australia


Cow & the Moon – Newtown NSW Gelato Review

Don’t call the police on me but I got a half takeaway tub at Cow & the Moon and ate it in their outdoor seating with my back against the window even though they expressedly told me not to. It was a thrill and a rush.

My half litre tub ($13) was vaguely-equal parts Cherrymania (self-explanatory) and Queenslanda (named after one of QLD’s top domestic exports – the mango).

The cherry mania was in places sweet and in places tart. My partner is a big fan of cherry and I knew that she would love it.

The Queenslanda was a mix of mango and cream, a much milder flavour compared to the sometimes deliciously sour cherry ice cream.

Both were good and highly recommendable.

5/5 but I would prefer Mapo’s more subtle flavours most days of the week.

Cow & The Moon
181 Enmore Rd, Enmore NSW 2042
(02) 9557 4255