Pidapipó – Melbourne VIC Restaurant Review

We had some ice cream at Pidapipó’s Degraves St store after walking past a few times during our week in Melbourne.

My overall impression is that if this is peak Melbourne ice cream, then peak Melbourne ice cream is at least five years behind Sydney. The hot cross bun flavour was our favourite, and we appreciated that most of the flavours we had were not too sweet, but we felt that there was an overall lack of specialness. The waffle cones were mass market, from The Original Cone Company, and along with the ice cream itself didn’t quite reach the level of artisanship, even when compared to a Sydney chain like Gelato Messina, let alone a specialty store like Mapo.

I would invite any Melbourne-based ice cream enthusiasts to Mapo before leaving angry comments down below. If Pidapipó is in fact not top-tier Melbourne ice cream, please also feel free to correct me with your alternative suggestion.

Pidapipó CBD
8 Degraves St, Melbourne VIC 3000


Betty’s Burgers & Concrete Co – Parramatta NSW Restaurant Review

I must have walked past Betty’s Burgers & Concrete Co in the Melbourne CBD dozens of times, each time wondering to myself what kind of synergies could possibly exist between these two seemingly unrelated products. It was only recently, after reading a post in a closed Facebook group for food-enjoying white collar professionals (though I do not wear any collar to work), that I discovered that concrete was the name given by this chain of restaurants to their frozen desserts.

Enter frozen dessert. This is the Lemon Raspberry Cheeecake Concrete ($6). It was very sauced, and very sweet. I was not a big fan. That is all.

Betty’s Burgers & Concrete Co. Parramatta
Tenancy 4/01 , 12 Darcy St (Parramatta Square), Parramatta NSW 2150
(02) 9687 1514

Chinese Dessert

Blackball – Eastwood NSW Restaurant Review

I thought my Qffle days were behind me, having had many a Qffle from the Blackball in 206 Bourke St back when I lived in Melbourne. It was only tonight, four years since my last Qffle, that I discovered that BlackBall does indeed have Sydney based stores. What a delight.

This is some milo soft serve. My girlfriend liked it. I didn’t care that much for it. It consists of milo soft serve, some sago balls, and quite a nice vanilla wafter biscuit. Honestly, just fine. Nothing like the Qffle.

This is the Qffle. Underground legend. It is a freshly made waffle with a very gooey centre. No too sweet and absolutely delicious. Great with ice cream, bubble tea, and also served with your choice of sweet or savoury topping. Also amazing on its own, which is how I like mine. Sleeper hit. No idea why it’s called what it is. Give it a try.

EDIT: After reading this entry my partner helped me to understand that the Qffle is clearly named after the gooey Q texture hidden just underneath the crispy outer layer.

Black Ball Eastwood
206 Rowe St, Eastwood NSW 2122
0406 588 133


Anita Gelato – Bondi Beach NSW Restaurant Review

A few quick takes about Anita Gelato, Bondi Beach

  • Generally quite good, and I would not hesitate to come back considering Messina is the other nearby alternative
  • Cup size is inferior to cone size in terms of serving
  • It’s nice that cup-havers don’t have to miss out on waffle, with these waffle disks
  • Black forest was very good
  • Mascarpone ricotta strawberries was good
  • Chocolate and salted pretzel was good
  • Watermelon and mint was not so good
  • I will never be a Bondi local

Anita Gelato
180 Campbell Parade, Bondi Beach NSW 2026
(02) 8188 4166

Asian Fusion Dessert Thai

Mango Coco – Haymarket NSW Restaurant Review

One of our Asian friends had reached her mid thirties without ever having bingsoo, and it was our solemn duty as friends and colleagues to correct this. Mango Coco, located within a particularly Thai part of Pitt St, was the chosen destination for this Korean shaved ice dessert.

The Mango Bingsoo was pretty good, but not really a standout from other similar bingsoos. The addition of dry ice was pure superficial presentation, and no additional mastery demonstrated in the design or construction of the dish.

The Egg on Nest was really quite good. It consisted of black mochi balls filled with salted egg yolk filling, atop a bed of thinly julienned sweet potato strips and fruit. The mochi balls which were bursting with golden sweet and umami filling were the star of the show.

At my insistence the squad agreed to order the Matcha Churros Parfait. The matcha sauce was unsweetened and quite strong – great for us, though many may not be as appreciative. The ratio of churro to matcha dirt and sticky ice cream and matcha sauce was adequately matched so that no dirt remained unstuck and no churro undirted by the end of the meal.

Would I go back? Probably. Whilst our meal was dessert focused (our colleagues had already had dinner) there are quite a few Thai fusion savory dishes on their menu that I wouldn’t mind trying if I were in the area.