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RICOS TACOs – Rosebery NSW Food Truck Review

There’s a lot of buzz going around about RICO’s TACOs, a food truck temporarily stationed outside of Messina Rosebery. While most of that buzz has been positive, I’m here to offer a different perspective.

The food truck experience is known to be distinctly different to the dining-in experience, however in my opinion the offerings of a food truck should be amenable not only to immediate consumption, but also a brief travel before consumption if desired.

The food served at RICOS TACOs is not suited for such a luxury. RICOS tacos are served on paper plates, the likes of which you can get 20 for a dollar at your local grocery store. The majority of their patrons use a few oil barrels strewn around the edge of the parking lot as tables, and when asked for some additional packaging to help me with the safe transport of my tacos all they could offer me was a couple of extra paper plates. It wouldn’t have killed them to be a bit more thoughtful and have some small takeaway boxes in stock.

I ordered two each of the beef birria and cauliflower tacos, and stored them in my car whilst I went to pick up pizza. They were out of the chorizo al pastor tacos by 8PM on a Saturday night. Unfortunately as I was doing so the taco sauce leaked onto my car seats. It was only with the friendly help of the folks at Da Mario that I was able to safely secure my tacos in a spare pizza box – I shudder to think what kind of mess they would have made in their delicate paper party plate positioning.

Beef birria taco (left), cauliflower taco (right)

The beef birria taco ($6) was uninspiring. The beef was minimally flavoured and quite chewy. Whilst there was quite a bit of salsa, the taco ultimately felt quite dry.

The cauliflower taco ($6) would be my pick of the two. Whilst I don’t normally go for vegetarian foods, The cauliflower was actually quite juicy, providing a much more interesting texture than overstewed beef. My partner preferred the beef taco over the cauliflower one, but she is not the one writing this blog.

The tortilla of both types of tacos were very corny.

Ultimately I think RICO’S TACOs were a disappointment. My multiple drives past the food truck and signs, as well as the sheer amount of press online led me to expect this meal to be a good one, rather than a boring one. I wouldn’t bother.

112 Rothschild Ave, Rosebery NSW 2018

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Nighthawk Diner – Alexandria NSW Restaurant Review

Formerly a collection of food trucks and now a real life restaurant, Nighthawk Diner in Alexandria delivers a collection of exciting pa-American flavours. This review will be for delivery via DoorDash, given our attempts to minimise outside contact during the COVID-19 respiratory pandemic.

Nighthawk Diner Nachos

The Loaded Nighthawk Nachos ($12) were fresh and delicious. We thought the tortilla chips were crispy and maintained good structure throughout the meal. The cheese and salsas were tasty but not too tasty. Can recommend.

Nighthawk Diner Beef Taco

The Slow cooked Beef Brisket Taco ($8.50) was absolutely brilliant. The fresh tortilla added a really premium component to the meal, and the mixture of vegetables, beef, and chilli and red pepper salsa was optimal. Can really recommend this one.

Miami Cuban Sandwich

I thought that the Miami Cuban Sandwich ($18) with citrus pork, bacon, pickles, American cheese and chipotle mayo was far too heavy and salty. The sweetness of the hoagie roll and the saltiness of the fillings worked well in harmony but every bite was so filled with salt and oil that it was ultimately ruined for me. I understand that salt and oil in excess is a hallmark of American food but even then I don’t think this was objectively good.

Ultimately I think Nighthawk Diner has a diverse menu of pan-American dishes. I would not hesitate to order here again. 4 taco cats out of 5 taco cats.

Nighthawk Diner
662 Botany Rd, Alexandria NSW 2015
(02) 9636 5039

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