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Capri’s Kebab Pizza – Arncliffe Takeaway Review

We’ve had Capri’s Kebab and Pizza n-number of times over our numerous night shifts. Capri’s has the distinction of being open until very late most nights, late enough for us to reliably order at the end of a long night shift ward round.

The establishment itself is actually quite confusing, as it shares a location and phone number with Megabite Pizza, however there appears to be two separate menus, with Megabite providing Middle Eastern kebabs and pizza and Capri’s the Greek version.

Mixed Yiros (roll $13) – Delicious yiros meat in a wrap with hot chip, salad and tzatziki. Just what you need to keep your will to live during a night shift.

Capri Special Pide ($18) – Fresh and hot and cheesy, an unfaultable pide for the time of night.

One problem that I will point out about Capri is that they charge an additional $2 for tabouli, which, on top of a $14 charge for the base kebab is a bit steep. Tabouli is in my humble opinion an essential component of your kebab, and a $16 kebab is just too much. The other thing I’d mention is that I prefer the beef and chicken mixed kebab over the lamb kebab at Capri’s (neither are pictured). This is because while the lamb in the lamb kebab is indeed real lamb, it is extremely fatty, whereas the beef and chicken are your regular doner fare.

In my opinion Capri’s delivers a known quantity of good quality food, and is my personal pick for the night shift grind. This is not an opinion held by all of my colleagues, however, some of whom prefer Capri’s arch nemesis Adam.

266 Princes Highway, Arncliffe NSW 2205
(02) 8509 5889


Bistro on the Greens – South Coogee NSW Pizza Review

This is a quick DoorDash review of pizza ordered from Bistro on the Greens before a night shift.

I enjoyed the Diavola ($21), which had a good spicy flavour to it. It was not as special as Da Mario‘s diavola, however, which is still the best I’ve ever had.

I found the The Henning Calzone ($20) to be a bit difficult to eat. It was not pre-cut and I tried to eat it like a sandwich but had much difficulty. In this regard I would rate my previous calzone from Beretta in Ramsgate higher.

The San Remo Linguine (not pictured – $25) I could have lived without. I enjoyed the prawns but not the pasta, which I thought was not sauced enough. I put it into the fridge after a couple of mouthfulls. My partner took this to work and enjoyed it, apart from the prawns which she doesn’t normally like. She threw the prawns away and I didn’t get to eat the rest.

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Arthur’s Pizza – Rosebery NSW Restaurant Review

Everyday when you’re walking down the street,
Every pizza that you eat,
Has an original point of view.

The first thing of note about Arthur’s Pizza is the rectangular boxes that they use to store and transport circular pizzas. These boxes are constructed in a way where they open as a bit of an envelope, with the exterior flap opening superiorly and an inferior flap opening inferiory, both held together by carboard tabs.

I took advantage of Arthur’s Pizza’s $12 medium pizza takeaway deal, which is available daily until 7PM.

Arthur’s (Pepperoni, Roma Tomato, Capsicum, Mushroom)

Arthur’s eponymous pizza, named after a rascally aardvark, features Pepperoni, Roma Tomato, Capsicum, Mushroom atop a tomato-sauced thin crispy base. It’s a very fresh pizza, loaded with large tomato slices, that delivers a juiciness with each bite. This fresh tomato-y juiciness is supplemented well by the slight spiciness of the pepperoni, creating a very well composed pizza overall. I liked this so much that I had the entire pizza in one day, bar one slice which I saved for my partner. Unfortunately my orange cat got to the slice before she could, and dragged it onto the floor. My partner will never know the joy that I know.

Randwick (Olives, Anchovies, Capers, Semi-Dried Tomato, Basil)

The Randwick pizza features Olives, Anchovies, Capers, Semi-Dried Tomato, Basil – a flavour apparently developed to appease Eastern Suburbs Prince of Wales types. I found it, from my traditional Western Sydney frame of reference, not to my taste. I keep trying to force myself to eat anchovies with the thought that maybe if I eat enough I will find an anchovy I like. While I didn’t hate the anchovies on this pizza, I did not like how it was just covered in olives. The combination of salty fish and salty olives did not do well at creating a balanced pizza. Unlike Arthur’s namesake pizza, each bite of the Randwick was more and more of the same. While I’m normally an olive fan I ended up just picking off the olives and eating the pizza without them.


Arthur’s Pizza, at the bargain basement price of $12 for a medium, provides a good feed with a thin, crispy crust. Get what you like, don’t get what you don’t like in the hope that you will like it.


Arthur’s Pizza Rosebery
1/3 Dunning Ave, Rosebery NSW 2018
(02) 9313 8100

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Da Mario – Rosebery NSW Italian Restaurant Review

After being thoroughly disappointed by Lucio Pizzeria earlier in the week I took a gamble went for a second round, this time at Da Mario in Rosebery. My partner wanted to stay in, so I made a phone order and drove to pick up my two pizzas.

A fair warning first – as the pizza is takeaway and framed by a cardboard box the photos are not very good. But the pizza was delicious.


The Mortadella (mozzarella, fontina, mortadella and crushed pistachio – $26) was delicious. The fontina cheese flavour was dominant in some bites, and the mortadella in others. Overall a perfectly tasty pizza with a few great flavours.


This Diavola pizza (tomato, mozzarella, hot ‘ndujia paste and extra basil – $25) may be the best pizza I have eaten ever. Each of its basic ingredients, the tomato, mozarella, basil and ‘nduja paste had their own strong, delicious flavours. The freshness from the tomato and the basil were paramount, while the mozarella was mellow, and the spicy ‘nduja paste provided an unexpected kick. Delicious.

UPDATE 13/11/2020

salsicce con friarielli

The salsicce con friarielli pizza ($25) was only ok. It was not so flavourful. The “spicy sausage mince” was not spicy at all. The broccoli rabe was a bit too wilted for us. I can’t recommend.

The calzone samale ($22) was the tastier of the two we got on the second round. It was almost like a pizza and calzone combined, as the exterior was sauced with some cherry tomatoes. The interior was filled with a yummy and tasty ricotta and salami.

Even though I got take-away I can also comment on the service. The boys behind the bar at Da Mario were happy to provide an additional pizza box for me to store my RICOS TACOS in from around the corner.

Da Mario in Rosebery has to be the best pizza I’ve ever had in Sydney. Give it a try soon.

5 Marios.

Da Mario
Shop 1/36 Morley Ave, Rosebery NSW 2018
+61 2 9669 2242

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Lucio Pizzeria – Zetland NSW Restaurant Review

There’s lot of praise floating around for Lucio Pizzeria. After having dinner there tonight I don’t really think it’s warranted.

The Lucio ($24), Lucio Pizzeria’s signature pizza, is a half margherita half calzone. It is an interesting concept to create a pizza in such a way. While the flavours weren’t bad, I just wish there would be more of everything – more tomato, more basil, more ham. The calzone filling of ricotta and ham was good, but underseasoned.


Lucio’s Campagnola ($24) continues the tradition of underflavouring. While the sausage itself had good flavour, the flavours on the rest of the pizza where overwhelmed with cheese and cheese alone. This was a very cheesy, oily pizza, and a little bit of salt, a little more mushroom or sausage, would have gone a long way.

If I had to give my meal at Lucio Pizzeria an overarching theme it would be that it is underseasoned, bland, yet very oily. My compliments where compliments are due would have to go to the pizza’s thin base. It’s not awful – but it’s expensive, and I definitely wouldn’t travel for it.

The next pizza on my hitlist in the local area is Da Mario in Rosebery. I hope they will not disappoint me as much.

3/5 unworthy of their medals. Simply did not live up to the hype.

Lucio Pizzeria
East Village 2, 4 Defries Ave, Zetland NSW 2017
02) 9697 3028

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