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Casoni – Darlinghurst NSW Restaurant Review

Casoni is one of the nicest meals I’ve had in some time. The menu was described to us as “Modern Italian”, with a selection of Italian staples fused with some Japanese inspiration.

We started with the Wattle Seed Flatbread ($6). Originally our choice of topping was going to be the salmon roe, however as they were out of stock we had to improvise. After the reassurance of our host that the serving of bread would be “quite generous” and suited to having two sides/toppings, I chose the ortiz anchovies ($6) and green garlic burrata ($10). While the bread was warm, soft, fragrant and delicious, it turns out that “quite generous” was a straight out lie. I would not characterise the bread as being suited to having two toppings. One was more than enough, so much so that we weighed up whether or not we should order a second serving of flatbread to mop up voluminous sides.

The ortiz anchovies ($6) were salty. I think they always are. I’m yet to develop a taste for them. My partner straight up refused to try it (she’s a bit of a fish-o-phobe).

The garlic green burrata ($10) was quite delicious. The inside of the burrata was very wet. It was a great dish to spread on the bread.

Black garlic bread

The Black Garlic Bread ($8) is a must try. It is more of a dessert than a garlic bread, with a sweet glaze and sauce. The topping of miso butter was divine. It is a house specialty for a reason and I would recommend no one leave this restaurant without trying it (cats and other people who can’t have garlic aside).

Tuna Carpaccio

The yellowfin tuna carpaccio with wasabi cream and burnt mandarin dressing ($18) was quite good but straddled the line towards being too tasty. I thought that the wasabi cream and burnt mandarin dressing overpowered the fish to the extent where I couldn’t really taste the star ingredient. While the flavours were good I wonder if a bit of tweaking is in order to highlight the tuna a bit better. Wasabi-phobes need not worry, the wasabi itself isn’t too strong.

Sausage and pecorino pappardelle

The sausage and pecorino pappardelle ($?26) was delicious. The serving size was large enough to share between two. The pappardelle was fresh and soft and tasty – not too al dente for me. The serving of sausage was extremely and unexpectedly generous, there was enough for each bite, and the pecorino added a great sharp flavour to the dish. While I’ve read from other reviews that pasta isn’t Casoni’s strong point, my experience with this pasta would lead me to disagree. It was just fantastic.

Comfortable seats


As I’m sure you can tell by now we really enjoyed our meal at Casoni. We can’t wait to go back.

5 stars.

371-373 Bourke St, Darlinghurst NSW 2010
0449 516 798

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方包 Square Handmade Bread – Waterloo NSW Bakery Review

We happened across Square Handmade Bread after eating at Luckfood Fish Dumplings in Waterloo. It is a small bakery with modern facilities offering high-priced luxury breads as well as some desserts on a pre-order basis. Most breads were $15.80 per loaf, coming to $16.04 after credit card fees. They also serve coffee made from Grounds of Alexandria beans.

We ordered a loaf of garlic bomb bread – garlic bread loaf with cream cheese filling.

The square garlic bomb bread was quite good. It was not like a normal garlic bread, more sweet than salty. There was a lot of cream cheese filling, which I thought was actually to its detriment. I more enjoyed the crusty, less flavoured anterior, than the greasy creamy interior.

While good, I didn’t feel like this small half-loaf sized bread was worth $16.04. I concur with Robert H’s review in Google Reviews in this regard. For this reason, I am giving a 3/5, which could easily be a 4 if half the price.

方包 Square Handmade Bread
Shop 7, 5 Potter St, Waterloo NSW 2017, Australia
0415 353 369

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Beretta Cafe and Pizza Bar – Ramsgate Italian Restaurant Review

We had delivery from Beretta Cafe and Pizza Bar in Ramsgate for lunch one weekend.

The Calzone Pizza ($19.90) surprised me! This was my first ever Calzone, and I had chosen it as I thought it would be smaller and therefore less of a drama to eat at work. Normally I try to avoid pizza at work so that I don’t have to protect it from hungry eyes. I had no idea that the Calzone would be a full sized pizza, folded in half. The fillings were reasonably basic, with mushroom, ham, sopressa salami, but the taste was quite good. I think the entire thing was too much for one sitting, however, and packed it away to finish the next day.

The Beretta’s Bacon and Egg Roll ($10.90) was one of the better B&Es I’ve had recently, but at such a price you’d expect it to be. It is packed with bacon and eggs, and quite large. Definitely a full meal’s worth, or two half meals.

The Cheesy Garlic Bread ($8 for 2 pieces, note pictured is 2 servings), was ordered by my colleagues. I didn’t try it but the verbal handover was that it was quite good. They also enjoyed the Lasagne ($18.90) and the Ravioli Di Ricotta ($15.90) to a reasonable degree but again this is just heresay.

I can recommend Beretta Cafe and Pizza Bar. We’ll probably get food from them again this year. I’d like to try some of their other pizzas.

Beretta Cafe and Pizza Bar
211 Ramsgate Rd, Ramsgate Beach NSW 2217
(02) 9529 7017

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