Taisho Japanese Restaurant – Mascot NSW Restaurant Review

This is a quick review about Taisho, a Japanese restaurant in Mascot.

Taisho Donkotsu ramen ($16.80) was good.

Chirashi don ($16.80) was disappointing (am I the only one who finds it difficult to eat salad and sashimi and rice in one? Leave out the salad!).

Green tea was $5 for a tea bag and hot water. Why?

I think overall Taisho Japanese Restaurant is a bit overpriced for what it is. There were quite a few items that we could have had that we didn’t because it was $6.80 for a tuna hand roll and that’s just ridiculous.

Would I go back? Probably not. I’m a sucker for Japanese food, but if there’s better for cheaper then why bother?

Taisho Japanese Restaurant Mascot
6/8 Bourke St, Mascot NSW 2020
(02) 8317 6382


Hello Happy – Strathfield NSW Bingsoo Review

Strawberry Cornflake Bingsoo

Hello Happy! Great name for a restaurant, if a bit nondescriptive.

Hello Happy is a cake, cafe, bingsoo restaurant in Strathfield. We came here with a reasonably large group post Korean barbecue. We had three of the large bingsoo, which were around $26 each.

Strawberry was good but a bit too sweet

Green tea bingsoo has surprise red bean in it and was quite good

Mango bingsoo I enjoyed but a couple of colleagues felt that the fruit was too sour and out of season.

I have no strong feelings and this is a poor review! I’m just glad I got to sit somewhere and eat dessert and let the soju and Hite metabolise.

Hello Happy
2/15 Parnell St, Strathfield NSW 2135
(02) 8054 8116

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Se Jong Korean BBQ Buffet – Campsie NSW Restaurant Review

Not to be confused with the very similarly named Se Jeong Korean BBQ Restaurant on Evaline St near Woolworths!

Se Jong Korean BBQ Buffet is a Korean BBQ buffet charging $38 per person for 2 hours for dinner. They have your usual selection of meats, however the during the COVID-19 respiratory pandemic they have changed to a menu ordering system as opposed to a self serve system.

Their meat was the usual fare. Nothing special. Don’t fall for the trap of getting the “waygu”. Regardless of the genotype the phenotype doesn’t impress.

Side dishes were actually not bad. The noodles were good.

I don’t think I’ll come back to Se Jeong. Nothing stood out to me, although it would be a good place for a couple of hungry lads to optimise their returns. They have a sister store in Carlingford which we went to a couple of years back, which we enjoyed less.

Eight out of ten cows

Se Jong Korean BBQ Buffet Campsie
8 London St, Campsie NSW 2194
(02) 9787 7126


Ayam Goreng 99 – Kingsford NSW Restaurant Review

Ayam Goreng 99, I’m told, is perhaps the top Indonesian restaurant in all of Sydney. It also happens to be within a 15 minute drive of where I live, and so I felt obliged to try it.

Paha Goreng Kalasan (left), Kweatiau Goreng (right)

On the advice of Zomato denizens I tried the Paha Goreng Kalasan (deep fried chicken maryland, $7) and the Kweatiau Goreng (stir-fried thick egg noodles, $13).

The Paha Goreng Kalasan, along with its grilled friend Dada Baker, is meant to be one of the standout items on Ayam Goreng 99’s menu. Many reviews exist online praising its taste, although a similar number seem to decry the price. As somewhat of a connoisseur of fried chicken, the paha goreng kalsan didn’t really do anything for me. I thought it was too salty, and the cooking which I’m told is perfect didn’t stand out.

Kweatiau Goreng, as I’ve recently come to know, is an Indonesian analogue of char kway teow, modified to exclude non Halal friendly meats to cater to the large Muslim population in Indonesia. Ayam Goreng 99’s Kweatiau Goreng was very salt and fishball heavy. I enjoyed the scant greens, which were a welcome reprieve from the salt of it all, but they weren’t enough.

Overall I found that Ayam Goreng 99’s food was too salty for me. I also wasn’t offered any water, and it was only when paying that I saw a sign saying jugs of water were no longer being offered due to COVID-19. I guess washing jugs is not within their scope of practice.

I didn’t enjoy Ayam Goreng 99, and I’m not convinced that you would either.

Ayam Goreng 99
464 Anzac Parade, Kingsford NSW 2032
(02) 9697 0030

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Bakery Vietnamese

Chillilime Matraville – Matraville NSW Takeaway Review

I have never had a worse roll.

Chillilime Matraville bills itself as an Aussie take on the Vietnamese banh mi. After trying 3 of their offerings after a night shift I think it’s safe to say that they should’ve let what was good just be.

In general I found their rolls very bready. The bread was thick and not light like a banh mi baguette should be, and it was neither crispy nor soft, just hard. The rolls were also very overpriced, and I paid a steep $37.49 delivered for 3 rolls.

The #2 five spice pork roll was $9.50 at base, with an extra $0.10 each to add tomato, onion, and sriracha chilli sauce, as if the first two weren’t already essential components of a banh mi. The mild flavours unfortunately got lost in the bread, which you will find is a recurring theme of food from Chillilime.

The #4 meatball roll with tomato, beetroot, carrot, chilli, coriander, onion and cucumber came to a staggering $10.20. Each of these listed ingredients attracted a $0.10 surcharge on top of the $9.50 base price.

The #10 breakfast roll was $9.50. The bacon, egg, tomato, cheese & mayo made this roll the tastiest of the bunch, but again it was let down by the sheer volume and blandness of the bread.

It would seem that the “Aussie twist” that Chillilime advertises is just being overpriced and overbreaded. Do yourself a favour and get your next banh mi from one of the many many better alternatives in the area. Hong Ha is just a couple of suburbs down.

513 Bunnerong Rd, Matraville NSW 2036
(02) 9661 6665