Maru’s Kitchen – Wagga Wagga NSW Restaurant Review

My partner and I live in constant and recurrent disappointment at birria tacos, which often look so good but taste only not bad. Our recent trip to a market day in Wentworth Point in Sydney’s “expanded inner-west” found us queuing up at yet another food stall for yet another serving of birria tacos. Maru’s Kitchen, originally from the kitchen of a Mexican grandmother four and a half hours inland from Sydney proper, do regular pop ups and market stalls around Sydney. Though possibly the best tacos in Wagga Wagga, how would they hold up in the decidedly more cosmopolitan big smoke? Would they be good? Would they be better than the other offerings around? The bar was low.

The answer was surprisingly, yes.

The Birria Tacos (3 for $20) at Maru’s Kitchen were probably the best we’ve had to date. The filling was tasty but not over-tasty, cheesy but not over oily. Quite remarkably and importantly in our experience, the consome was quite good and drinkable, with a mix of spices and flavours rather than just saltiness (looking at you, Chololo). Finally, birria tacos that I’d entertain the idea of having again.

Maru’s Kitchen
Lake Albert and Wagga Wagga, NSW
Various market stalls around Sydney
0407 083 047

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