Da Mario – Rosebery NSW Italian Restaurant Review

After being thoroughly disappointed by Lucio Pizzeria earlier in the week I took a gamble went for a second round, this time at Da Mario in Rosebery. My partner wanted to stay in, so I made a phone order and drove to pick up my two pizzas.

A fair warning first – as the pizza is takeaway and framed by a cardboard box the photos are not very good. But the pizza was delicious.

The Mortadella (mozzarella, fontina, mortadella and crushed pistachio – $26) was delicious. The fontina cheese flavour was dominant in some bites, and the mortadella in others. Overall a perfectly tasty pizza with a few great flavours.

This Diavola pizza (tomato, mozzarella, hot ‘nduja paste and extra basil – $25) may be the best pizza I have eaten ever. Each of its basic ingredients, the tomato, mozarella, basil and ‘nduja paste had their own strong, delicious flavours. The freshness from the tomato and the basil were paramount, while the mozarella was mellow, and the spicy ‘nduja paste provided an unexpected kick. Delicious.

UPDATE 13/11/2020

salsicce con friarielli

The salsicce con friarielli pizza ($25) was only ok. It was not so flavourful. The “spicy sausage mince” was not spicy at all. The broccoli rabe was a bit too wilted for us. I can’t recommend.

The calzone samale ($22) was the tastier of the two we got on the second round. It was almost like a pizza and calzone combined, as the exterior was sauced with some cherry tomatoes. The interior was filled with a yummy and tasty ricotta and salami.

Even though I got take-away I can also comment on the service. The boys behind the bar at Da Mario were happy to provide an additional pizza box for me to store my RICOS TACOS in from around the corner.

Da Mario in Rosebery has to be the best pizza I’ve ever had in Sydney. Give it a try soon.

5 Marios.

Da Mario
Shop 1/36 Morley Ave, Rosebery NSW 2018
+61 2 9669 2242

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Asian Fusion Café Japanese

Pokemeow – Rosebery NSW Cat Cafe Review

Cats are my favourite animal. Even though we have two small cats at home, we often find ourselves in wonder of cats on the internet, on the streets, and now at Pokemeow Cat Cafe.

One of the great joys of Pokemeow Cat Cafe is being able to sit outside and peer into their cat playground. Their clowder of cats, consisting of two Maine coons, a sphinx, a ragdoll, a munchkin and a very beautiful but average domestic shorthair, are an absolute delight to watch. Being able to watch them play and interact during our meal really elevated the experience. There’s also the opportunity to pay $10 for a 30 minute play session inside the playground (book beforehand online), but we chose not to as we felt it would be a bit weird to have all the diners look at us as we did so.

The overall vibe of the place is very pet friendly as well, and many of the other patrons brought their dogs along for brunch. There was, in particular, a very good yellow labrador who my partner got to pet.

While the six beautiful resident cats at Pokemeow are undoubtedly their main draw, their Asian fusion brunch menu isn’t anything to sneer at either.

I had the black sesame latte while my partner had just a normal large cappuccino. It strikes me that asking for a black sesame latte is more or less asking for fun milk please. A protip to new players, make sure to mix up your black sesame latte – there tends to be a lot of stuff that sediments at the bottom.

We enjoyed the truffle chips, which came covered in a cheesy parmesan. They were fresh out of the fryer and unfaultable.

I quite liked the six spicy fried chicken wings. I thought that they were reasonably priced (≤$10) and freshly fried and delicious. My partner thought they were not as good as the ones we had at Belle’s Hot Chicken the previous night but I thought they stood well on their own.

I felt that the earl grey pancakes were a bit dry on their own, but just fine when combined in a single bite with the provided mascarpone, berries, and sauce. I probably wouldn’t get these again, but my partner was a big fan.

The grilled salmon green tea soba salad was a bit of a weird one. The salmon was pretty standard (no better than anyone could make at home), however I would’ve liked a bit more of it. I couldn’t really appreciate the green tea flavour of the voluminous soba noodles until I had a further bite of a chicken wing to contrast against. I thought that the soba noodles perhaps were featured too prominently in the dish, however did enjoy it once the soba were mostly powered through and I could pair it better with the remaining sesame dressing, carrot, and tomato salad components. My partner didn’t really like this dish, but in retrospect and on deep introspection I did. I probably still wouldn’t get it again. Offer to pay for double salmon if they will let you.

I really enjoyed my visit to Pokemeow. Their food was pretty good, and there are a lot more Asian fusion brunch options left to try. I loved watching the cats play and interact, and would absolutely come back agian.

1/8 Crewe Place, Rosebery NSW 2018
0416 668 468

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Brother Restaurant – Rosebery NSW Chinese Restaurant Review

I am glad to tell you that I think Brother Restaurant is actively bad.

We had the pork dumplings ($16.80), the small braised chicken – not pictured ($30), and the beef fried noodle XO Sauce ($16.80).

The pork dumplings were small and had strong frozen supermarket dumpling energy. I don’t want to slander them but if you set me up with a bowl of dumplings that were from the frozen section of your ocal Asian grocery tsore and these dumplings I would not be able to tell you which one was $16.80 from a restaurant and which one was $4 from the supermarket.

The beef fried noodle in XO sauce was very salty with minimal meat.

The braised chicken had a reasonable flavour with chicken and potato, however was a very small quantity (a takeaway box) for $30 – did they just make this number up? – and the chicken was very bony.

I cannot recommend Brother Restaurant at all. Skip the graded escalation and just tell me to STOP if I try to order from them again.

Brother Restaurant
411 Gardeners Rd, Rosebery NSW 2018


Traditional Gyradiko – Rosebery, NSW Restaurant Review

Traditional Gyradiko goes from strength to strength with their excellent gyros and souvlaki. I have had their pork pita, lamb pita, and chicken souvlaki multiple times and they are yet to disappoint. They ate perfectly sauced and the hot chips inside provide an added dimension of crunchy potato.

The potato chips with feta was $9 and I cannot not recommend based on the small serving size alone. They do not detract from the quality of the gyros however and overall I would recommend this place to a friend or colleague.

Traditional Gyradiko
447 Gardeners Rd, Rosebery NSW 2018
(02) 9313 5379

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