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Mentmore and Morley – Rosebery NSW Cafe Review

Where be your gibes now? Your gambols? Your songs? Your flashes of merriment that were wont to set the table on a roar? 

Memento Mori is one of the spookiest cafes in all of Rosebery. The constant reminder of our impending deaths is something I usually only experience while hanging out with one of my senior intensive care colleagues. I never thought that such a feeling could be distilled into a cafe, but the wizards behind Mentmore and Morley named their restaurant just so.

Wow. Let me tell you about these textured plates. They’re from IKEA, but I couldn’t identify them on IKEA’s online store. Again wow.

While I cannot quite tell you the name of this veal scaloppine style dish with assorted vegetables, I can tell you that it was quite good. I especially enjoyed the tomatoes.

The seasonal special, pork knuckle with Vietnamese slaw was around $30. It was a whole pork knuckle, slow roasted with skin on. The skin was quite crispy and delicious, and the meat tender. I was initially skeptical of the Vietnamese slaw, but the acidic flavours helped cut through the fat perfectly. A good pairing.

Coffee was no better or worse than standard.

While the name of Memento Mori was spooky, this did not extend to the food, which was a mixture of Italian and Vietnamese cuisines. I can recommend going to get spooked.

4 out of 5 Yoricks.

Mentmore & Morley
Rosebery, 13/55 Mentmore Ave, Sydney NSW 2018
(02) 9697 3617


Arthur’s Pizza – Rosebery NSW Restaurant Review

Everyday when you’re walking down the street,
Every pizza that you eat,
Has an original point of view.

The first thing of note about Arthur’s Pizza is the rectangular boxes that they use to store and transport circular pizzas. These boxes are constructed in a way where they open as a bit of an envelope, with the exterior flap opening superiorly and an inferior flap opening inferiory, both held together by carboard tabs.

I took advantage of Arthur’s Pizza’s $12 medium pizza takeaway deal, which is available daily until 7PM.

Arthur’s (Pepperoni, Roma Tomato, Capsicum, Mushroom)

Arthur’s eponymous pizza, named after a rascally aardvark, features Pepperoni, Roma Tomato, Capsicum, Mushroom atop a tomato-sauced thin crispy base. It’s a very fresh pizza, loaded with large tomato slices, that delivers a juiciness with each bite. This fresh tomato-y juiciness is supplemented well by the slight spiciness of the pepperoni, creating a very well composed pizza overall. I liked this so much that I had the entire pizza in one day, bar one slice which I saved for my partner. Unfortunately my orange cat got to the slice before she could, and dragged it onto the floor. My partner will never know the joy that I know.

Randwick (Olives, Anchovies, Capers, Semi-Dried Tomato, Basil)

The Randwick pizza features Olives, Anchovies, Capers, Semi-Dried Tomato, Basil – a flavour apparently developed to appease Eastern Suburbs Prince of Wales types. I found it, from my traditional Western Sydney frame of reference, not to my taste. I keep trying to force myself to eat anchovies with the thought that maybe if I eat enough I will find an anchovy I like. While I didn’t hate the anchovies on this pizza, I did not like how it was just covered in olives. The combination of salty fish and salty olives did not do well at creating a balanced pizza. Unlike Arthur’s namesake pizza, each bite of the Randwick was more and more of the same. While I’m normally an olive fan I ended up just picking off the olives and eating the pizza without them.


Arthur’s Pizza, at the bargain basement price of $12 for a medium, provides a good feed with a thin, crispy crust. Get what you like, don’t get what you don’t like in the hope that you will like it.


Arthur’s Pizza Rosebery
1/3 Dunning Ave, Rosebery NSW 2018
(02) 9313 8100

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Sanpo Japanese Restaurant – Rosebery NSW Restaurant Review

We ate at Sanpo in Rosebery in June 2020, at the height of the first wave of COVID-19 in Sydney.

We appreciated the strict hand hygiene and social distancing procedures, and understood that we had to wait outside for our table to free up. Safety was more important than comfort.

The beef sukiyaki hotpot was delicious.

The uni sashimi was some of the best sea urchin I’ve had in a while. Large, plump pieces.

The sashimi and sushi set was delicious.

The aburi scallop nigiri was also delicious, however as there was already some that came with the sushi and sashimi set we need not have ordered.

Overall I loved the dimly lit and quiet romantic vibe of the restaurant. I can recommend Sanpo as a nice date location to take your special person or feline (confirm with the restaurant ahead of time).

4.5 scallops, leaning 5.

Sanpo Japanese Restaurant
304/5-9 Rothschild Ave, Rosebery NSW 2018
(02) 8541 5867

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Luckfood Fish Dumplings 六福魚水饺 – Waterloo NSW Restaurant Review

Luckfood Fish Dumplings 六福魚水饺 is a small Chinese restaurant in Waterloo, centering around dumplings but also featuring other components of Chinese cuisine. Our lunch today was fully dumpling focused, and consisted of 10 each of five types of dumplings.

Dipping sauce

We ordered 50 dumplings between the two of us for lunch, and managed to finish 45. The dumplings were small in size but not in taste. They were all boiled and all extremely juicy inside – each was bursting with soup which was an absolute treat. They were all handmade with a good filling to wrapping ratio. The dipping sauce provided was a mixture of soy, vinegar, and freshly chopped garlic, although garlic was optional for those who may not like it. I will describe the dumplings I had in order of goodness.

The Pork A Dumplings (Pork + Prawn + Chive) were by far my favourite. They tasted very similar to how my parents would make it. The dumplings had a good juice within them. A strong recommendation from me.

The Pork B Dumplings (Pork + Scallop + Cabbage) were good too. A stronger but less complex flavour compared to the Pork A Dumplings.

The Lucky 6 Cuttlefish Dumplings are part of the restaurant’s premium range, and recommended to me by the chef. The fillings were crunchy cuttlefish, and recommended for their internal juiciness. These were quite good, although a bit too salty for me.

The Beef and Onion Dumplings were my partner’s choice – she was keen on some dumplings that were not seafood related. I didn’t like them, but I generally never like beef or lamb dumplings. I feel like beef dumpling are always too beefy.

The Signature Fish Dumplings were not very good. I’m not sure what type of fish they use, but I thought it tasted a lot like the frozen basa fillets you get at the supermarket, down to the weird water taste. Not a keen bean for this one. This was the only plate that we didn’t finish – we only had 5 of these between the two of us.

In conclusion: while the restaurant is called Luckfood Fish Dumplings, their best dumplings are in my opinion their pork, prawn, and chive dumplings. All of their dumplings are boiled and bursting with juice and flavour. While there were some that didn’t appeal to me quite so much, Luckfood Fish Dumplings 六福魚水饺 provides homestyle food and good value for money. (Please note that any order of 20 dumplings can be a mixture of flavours – we paid $51.90 for 50 dumplings and a can of Calpis Water)

A nod from me. 4/5.

六福鱼水饺 Luckfood Fish Dumplings
Shop 11/5 Potter St, Waterloo NSW 2017
0405 313 333

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RICOS TACOs – Rosebery NSW Food Truck Review

There’s a lot of buzz going around about RICO’s TACOs, a food truck temporarily stationed outside of Messina Rosebery. While most of that buzz has been positive, I’m here to offer a different perspective.

The food truck experience is known to be distinctly different to the dining-in experience, however in my opinion the offerings of a food truck should be amenable not only to immediate consumption, but also a brief travel before consumption if desired.

The food served at RICOS TACOs is not suited for such a luxury. RICOS tacos are served on paper plates, the likes of which you can get 20 for a dollar at your local grocery store. The majority of their patrons use a few oil barrels strewn around the edge of the parking lot as tables, and when asked for some additional packaging to help me with the safe transport of my tacos all they could offer me was a couple of extra paper plates. It wouldn’t have killed them to be a bit more thoughtful and have some small takeaway boxes in stock.

I ordered two each of the beef birria and cauliflower tacos, and stored them in my car whilst I went to pick up pizza. They were out of the chorizo al pastor tacos by 8PM on a Saturday night. Unfortunately as I was doing so the taco sauce leaked onto my car seats. It was only with the friendly help of the folks at Da Mario that I was able to safely secure my tacos in a spare pizza box – I shudder to think what kind of mess they would have made in their delicate paper party plate positioning.

Beef birria taco (left), cauliflower taco (right)

The beef birria taco ($6) was uninspiring. The beef was minimally flavoured and quite chewy. Whilst there was quite a bit of salsa, the taco ultimately felt quite dry.

The cauliflower taco ($6) would be my pick of the two. Whilst I don’t normally go for vegetarian foods, The cauliflower was actually quite juicy, providing a much more interesting texture than overstewed beef. My partner preferred the beef taco over the cauliflower one, but she is not the one writing this blog.

The tortilla of both types of tacos were very corny.

Ultimately I think RICO’S TACOs were a disappointment. My multiple drives past the food truck and signs, as well as the sheer amount of press online led me to expect this meal to be a good one, rather than a boring one. I wouldn’t bother.

112 Rothschild Ave, Rosebery NSW 2018

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