Luckfood Fish Dumplings 六福魚水饺 – Waterloo NSW Restaurant Review

Luckfood Fish Dumplings 六福魚水饺 is a small Chinese restaurant in Waterloo, centering around dumplings but also featuring other components of Chinese cuisine. Our lunch today was fully dumpling focused, and consisted of 10 each of five types of dumplings.

Dipping sauce

We ordered 50 dumplings between the two of us for lunch, and managed to finish 45. The dumplings were small in size but not in taste. They were all boiled and all extremely juicy inside – each was bursting with soup which was an absolute treat. They were all handmade with a good filling to wrapping ratio. The dipping sauce provided was a mixture of soy, vinegar, and freshly chopped garlic, although garlic was optional for those who may not like it. I will describe the dumplings I had in order of goodness.

The Pork A Dumplings (Pork + Prawn + Chive) were by far my favourite. They tasted very similar to how my parents would make it. The dumplings had a good juice within them. A strong recommendation from me.

The Pork B Dumplings (Pork + Scallop + Cabbage) were good too. A stronger but less complex flavour compared to the Pork A Dumplings.

The Lucky 6 Cuttlefish Dumplings are part of the restaurant’s premium range, and recommended to me by the chef. The fillings were crunchy cuttlefish, and recommended for their internal juiciness. These were quite good, although a bit too salty for me.

The Beef and Onion Dumplings were my partner’s choice – she was keen on some dumplings that were not seafood related. I didn’t like them, but I generally never like beef or lamb dumplings. I feel like beef dumpling are always too beefy.

The Signature Fish Dumplings were not very good. I’m not sure what type of fish they use, but I thought it tasted a lot like the frozen basa fillets you get at the supermarket, down to the weird water taste. Not a keen bean for this one. This was the only plate that we didn’t finish – we only had 5 of these between the two of us.

In conclusion: while the restaurant is called Luckfood Fish Dumplings, their best dumplings are in my opinion their pork, prawn, and chive dumplings. All of their dumplings are boiled and bursting with juice and flavour. While there were some that didn’t appeal to me quite so much, Luckfood Fish Dumplings 六福魚水饺 provides homestyle food and good value for money. (Please note that any order of 20 dumplings can be a mixture of flavours – we paid $51.90 for 50 dumplings and a can of Calpis Water)

A nod from me. 4/5.

六福鱼水饺 Luckfood Fish Dumplings
Shop 11/5 Potter St, Waterloo NSW 2017
0405 313 333