Textbook Boulangerie Patisserie – Alexandria NSW Bakery Café Review

“Textbook is my favourite cafe,” said my friend-turned-anaesthetist one day, “I always go and get a croissant after a night shift”.

Pictured above are the Chicken and truffle pie, Beef and jalapeño sausage roll, and Pork and apple sausage roll. As it has been no less than three and a half months since I’ve eaten these pastries, my memory is a bit hazy. I think I enjoyed the pork and apple sausage roll the most, and beef and jalapeno sausage roll a close second. The pork and apple I remember to be nice and mild with a subtle sweetness.

This pastry with fig was figtastic. I particularly enjoyed the fresh fig.

The green tea citrus dessert was yum but expensive. A soft interior.

My overall impression is that Textbook Boulangerie Patisserie was good, but I cannot state why. Stay tuned.

Textbook Boulangerie Patisserie
274 Botany Rd, Alexandria NSW 2015
(02) 9699 6156


Pholosophy – Alexandria NSW Banh Mi Review

I got this Pork Belly Banh Mi from Pholosphy for $9 whilst I was waiting for my coffee to be made at South Dowling Sandwiches next door. The quality was surprisingly high, good flavours and a good mix of vegetables. No shortcuts were taken, but the price was extremely steep. I’ve never paid $9 for a banh mi before, and I think you can get something similar from most places for a few dollars cheaper.

I’d get it again if I were in a pinch, but not if I were watching my spending.

Food quality 10/10
Food value 3/10
Parking availability 10/10 on weekdays, haven’t tried weekends

42b/110-116 Bourke Rd, Alexandria NSW 2015
+61 2 8937 2430

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South Dowling Sandwiches – Alexandria NSW Restaurant Review

South Dowling Sandwiches is a local sandwich joint well known for its massive packed sandwiches. A protip is to order online for pickup, as it minimises your wait time and therefore exposure to potential airborne pathogens in COVID-19 2020.

The sandwiches are overall quite good. They generally run around $9-$12, with more asked for the more full featured sandwiches. They are normally loaded with savoury flavours, with their caramelised carrots being a house specialty.

I thought that their tuna salad with lemon chive mayo ($13.50) was actually quite wholesome and delicious, and enjoyed it more than their salads. Can definitely recommend this one.

Overall would recommend giving South Dowling Sandwiches a go. I’m still on the fence about it personally, I think I enjoy the sandwiches at Two Fives a bit more, but they are generally the same concept.

South Dowling Sandwiches (Alexandria)
Shop 42C, 110 Bourke Rd Alexandria, NSW 2015
+61 2 9698 8388

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Latin American

Nighthawk Diner – Alexandria NSW Restaurant Review

Formerly a collection of food trucks and now a real life restaurant, Nighthawk Diner in Alexandria delivers a collection of exciting pa-American flavours. This review will be for delivery via DoorDash, given our attempts to minimise outside contact during the COVID-19 respiratory pandemic.

Nighthawk Diner Nachos

The Loaded Nighthawk Nachos ($12) were fresh and delicious. We thought the tortilla chips were crispy and maintained good structure throughout the meal. The cheese and salsas were tasty but not too tasty. Can recommend.

Nighthawk Diner Beef Taco

The Slow cooked Beef Brisket Taco ($8.50) was absolutely brilliant. The fresh tortilla added a really premium component to the meal, and the mixture of vegetables, beef, and chilli and red pepper salsa was optimal. Can really recommend this one.

Miami Cuban Sandwich

I thought that the Miami Cuban Sandwich ($18) with citrus pork, bacon, pickles, American cheese and chipotle mayo was far too heavy and salty. The sweetness of the hoagie roll and the saltiness of the fillings worked well in harmony but every bite was so filled with salt and oil that it was ultimately ruined for me. I understand that salt and oil in excess is a hallmark of American food but even then I don’t think this was objectively good.

Ultimately I think Nighthawk Diner has a diverse menu of pan-American dishes. I would not hesitate to order here again. 4 taco cats out of 5 taco cats.

Nighthawk Diner
662 Botany Rd, Alexandria NSW 2015
(02) 9636 5039

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