Alex ‘N’ Rolls – Marrickville NSW Restaurant Review

It was a long wait in the hot sun outside Alex ‘N’ Rolls, Marrickville’s mysterious Vietnamese eatery with no known opening hours, instead having a Facebook fan group where hungry pilgrims share news of whether or not the lights are on, and what proteins remain in stock, on a daily or sometimes hourly basis.

The caramelised pork roll ($8.50) was really good, probably the best I’ve had. The bread was crusty but not cutting, the filling buttery but not oily. It was full of deliciou smeats, and probably the rihcest and most complex pate I’ve ever had in a roll.

The BBQ pork sticky rice (xôi $13.50) was actually even better. The rice itself was extremely and unexpetedly good, but in combination with the huge amount of BBQ pork (in our opinion the superior option with greater tenderness and more pleasant flavour than the carmelised pork), as well as the soft fried egg, pate and sauce was just unbeatable.

The food at Alex ‘N’ Rolls was really good, but waiting in line for 30 minutes just didn’t do it for me. Until they can sort this out, I just don’t think I can bring myself to go back. Surely they have a loyal enough following to fund an expansion and a regular roster.

Alex ‘N’ Rolls
321 Illawarra Rd, Marrickville NSW 2204

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