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Brothers Kebab – Belmore NSW Restaurant Review

I suspect that these guys are completely separate to Brothers Kebab in Banksia, which is a place I was a fan of when I was a uni student but no longer so fond of. We came for a late night feed that was actually very good, and may just propel Brothers Belmore above CK Canterbury in terms of our favourite local kebab joints.

We had a lamb kebab with tabouli ($17 including $1 for tabouli) with garlic, chilli, and humus – a spin on our classic order of a mixed kebab but taking advantage of the rare appearance of ‘lamb’ on a Sydney kebab shop menu – something that has consistently dwindled in availability over the past two decades. The ‘lamb’ meat was actually very meaty and much more believable as a meat that came from a living animal’s good muscular bits than your average doner kebab mystery meat. It was tender and juicy, without a hint of floury extender making an overall very good kebab, if priced at the very top end of town.

Small chips ($7) were solid. Freshly fried to order, with a little tub of chilli sauce just because we asked for it, at no additional cost.

At a whole five dollars more than nearby competitor CK’s Kebab Canterbury, Brothers Belmore is clearly on the top side of the scale. Whether or not the allure of less-mysterious mystery meat is worth that to you I will let you decide. These guys earned a spot in the rotation for us.

Brothers Kebab Belmore
398 Burwood Rd, Belmore NSW 2192
(02) 9758 4408

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