The Eight – Haymarket NSW Restaurant Review

This will be a quick play by play of our yum cha lunch at The Eight, chosen because sadly Marigold is no more, and The Eight had 2 hours of free parking (though we overstayed by like 20 minutes and paid $9 for the privilege).

These pork spare ribs in black bean sauce were fine. Pretty meaty, not super fatty. Flavour I thought was a bit too mild.

I think these steamed chicken feet could’ve been steamed a little bit longer, but the flavour was good.

I actually also thought these bean curd skin rolls could’ve been more flavoured.

The steamed chive dumplings were fine, not extraodinary, and could’ve used more chive taste. I don’t know what’s happening. I don’t think there’s anything wrong with my specifically, things just tended towards blandness.

The shu mai were good, and adequately flavoured.

The texture and flavour of this this doufu fa was good.

The steamed custard buns were really good! My first one burst hot liquid all over me and the table, and our friend MP gave up hers so I could have an extra.

We had a pretty decent and well priced meal, spending around $32 per person for yum cha, with 2 hours free parking down below during the day, and unlimited free parking after 6PM (important for CBD lunch considerations). My partner had had dinner with her mother and brother the previous week and had a similarly good experience.

Not bad (though I think Marigold was better. RIP.)

The Eight
Market City Shopping Centre, Level 3/13 Hay St, Haymarket NSW 2000
(02) 9282 9988

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