The Tart Sisters – Ashfield NSW Restaurant Review

We actually loved our brief visit to the Tart Sisters, which is so next door to Ashbury’s 3 Tomatoes cafe (it’s literally the same building but in a different suburb?) that I initially thought it was the same establishment. This review will start as a review of our first visit, but will inevitably roll on as we continue to go and go and go.

The tart sister inside called us “kids” which was a bit odd but not a bad feeling, considering my partner and I are considered adults by most modern metrics.

My partner wanted much, but after a full meal at 3 Tomatoes I stopped her from ordering more than just this slice of carrot cake ($6), with a promise that we’d return. And what a slice of carrot cake it was. This above photo is a pictoral representation of the single best piece of carrot cake I have ever had. The complex, moist, nutty consistency of the cake was divine, as was the healthy and generous serving of cream cheese filling. I still can’t, thinking back to when I ate this a month and a half ago, wrap my head or tongue around just how perfect this was, and I must encourage all non-anaphylactics to try this right away.


This brioche with jalapenos, tomato, and cheddar ($6) had strong school canteen energy, even though I don’t think our high school ever sold those mini pizza things in particular – we were more of a McCain pizza pocket school. The bread was of course soft, and the jalapeno imparted a nice tanginess, but I couldn’t help but feel something was missing, as an obligate omnivore at this vegetarian bakery. Overall not bad, but imagine if there were some ham or pepperoni.

The mushroom and cheddar tart ($6) is also vegetarian. I don’t think I’ve ever seen anything with meat at their bakery. Anyway, this was not bad either, but honestly neither of their savoury pieces were as good as their sweet pieces.

I really quite enjoyed this apple and almond tart ($6). I went from someone who didn’t know that frangipane existed six months ago to someone who absolutely loves it. Even though the apple and frangipane was a bit sweeter than I would have liked, the whole thing was just so buttery and delicious, with an excellent crust, that I can still recommend it.

This dark chocolate and raspberry brownie ($4) was dense, with an enjoyable raspberry swirl. Yum.

COMMENTS: On serial review I have come to believe that their sweet offerings are superior to their savoury offerings, unless you’re someone who wouldn’t miss a lack of meat anyway.

The Tart Sisters
117 Holden St, Ashfield NSW 2131
02 9716 6998

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