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Berry Donut Van – Berry NSW Restaurant Review

(The Famous) Berry Donut Van. I don’t know exactly how famous it is, or why it’s a van. I’d never heard of it until I drove past it one day, and I don’t think it actually moves. My first donut from them was brought to me by my housemate and colleague DTC, and my second donut was eaten fresh and hot on the spot – a big difference.

The van’s cinnamon donuts, essentially their flagship product, are sold for $2.20 each, with larger quantities attracting a reasonable discount. I chose to splash out on a donut & cream ($7), billed as “Our famous original cinnamon donut cut in half with a scoop of Serendipity’s smooth vanilla ice cream in between”. As you can see from the photo, this was not what I received. I kind of expected, as per the description on the menu, to receive a ice-cream sandwich like item, but what I actually received was a donut sat on top of a scoop of ice cream. It was, in this format, not so readily edible for one as unco-ordinated as me. While the donut was seriously delicious, perfectly warm and soft and fluffy with just the right amount of cinnamon sugar, It ultimately meant that I spent $4.80 for a scoop of very standard vanilla ice cream which I could’ve had more donut instead!


I went back with my partner for some straight up donuts ($2.20). They were hot, fresh, and extra good.

The nutella donut ($4), with molten nutella injected at regular intervals throughout the ring, was also quite nice, and surprisingly not too sweet. Is it definitely worth almost double the price of the classic donut though? Unsure, but worth the try.

Comments: Just get the donuts. Skip the ice cream. Signage needs to be updated.

(The Famous) Berry Donut Van
73 Queen St, Berry NSW 2535
(02) 4464 1968

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