Thuy Huong – Marrickville NSW Restaurant Review

At the recommendation of my learned friend BCSY (who had the same dish in the same restaurant twice in one week) I visited Thuy Huong to have their famous (to him) Fish Cake Noodle Soup (bún chả cá – $15). Sitting as a solo diner next to some kind of nurse and her friend who were kind enough to share their table with me, I had this giant piping hot bowl of noodle soup, dilled to the max with a topping of fish cake and a crispy fried battered fish fillet. I enjoyed a number of things about this bowl of noodle soup, including its excellent high temperature,w hich allowed it to heat the random salad ingredients that I had put in it, the melon, with its general lack of any strong personality, and the dill, the taste of which permeated my entire body. My only qualm as an outsider was that I did not know that the bun rieu also had fish cake, and that the real difference between the fish cake noodle soup and the crab noodle soup was not the fish cake but actually the piece of fried fish on top. Even though the fish fillet was yummy, I wonder if might’ve chosen the crabby alternative had I fully appreciated this subtle difference.

Either way, a solid bowl of noodles.

Thuy Huong
304 Illawarra Rd, Marrickville NSW 2204
(02) 9558 4023

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