Oceania (Orleans Moules-Frites) – Spotswood VIC Restaurant Review

Legend has it that if you go to enough random market stalls across the city of Sydney, you can hit a large number of Grazeland stalls without ever leaving the 2000s.

Eaten simultaneously with our raclette from Frencheese was our meal from Oceania, trading as Orleans Moules-Frites for the day.

We had these great coquille St Jacques grilled scallops ($18 for 3), cooked to order under searzall, which such a creamy and umami cheese sauce with wine and parsley that left us wanting another and another.

I was less fond of the mussels in the classic mussels & chips ($22) because it turns out I don’t actually love mussels, but the freshly fried chips in their creamy wine sauce was actually excellent.

Oceania (Orleans Moules-Frites)
Grazeland Melbourne, 20 Booker St, Spotswood VIC 3015 (Permanent stall)

Best way to find them at a market stall may be to message their associated restaurant Bun Tessa.

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