Six Po Hot Pot – Burwood NSW Restaurant Review

For years I’ve walked past skewer hot pot restaurants, not really understanding how they worked, until now.

The concept of a skewer hot pot, as I learned through my visit to Six Po Hot Pot in Burwood, is similar to that of a sushi train. All items are arranged on skewers, collected in a self-serve fashion from a central fridge, with items of greater quality or expense attracting a higher skewerage or simply coming in a smaller quantity. Patrons collect their food, boil them at the table, the cost of their meal is calculated afterwards based on the number of empty skewers collected as well as any soup base, sauce, and other cover charges. This was not the experience that I had, because being quite hungry I led my friends down the path of a buffet with unlimited skewerage as well as unskewered foods for the princely sum of $50 pp.

Despite the buffet format of the meal, I did enjoy the pure utility of the skewers in being able to portion out reasonably small quantities of each particular item. Where at a normal hot pot restaurant you would hardly be able to order a single piece of broccoli or a single meat ball, a per-skewer cost of 70 to 90 cents meant that it was absolutely possible to just get a little morsel of something that caught your fancy.

For soup bases we had the chicken and mushroom soup combo ($19.80 paid separately above the $45pp buffet price), which we did not feel were particularly different from one another. Certainly they were topped up from the same kettle.

The beef skewers that came with entire chillis on them were actually quite spicy

Beyond the ample skewer selection we were also able to choose an all-you-can-eat quantity of cooked foods. We partook in some deep fried pork belly (pictured), as well as some deep fried rice cake with brown sugar and sweet ice jelly, all of which were not bad.

All you can eat is certainly a draw card for this restaurant, though for $45 per person we could’ve had 64 skewers each or 320 skewers in total, so I think I ultimately led our group down the wrong path. That’s ok though, the last time we had hot pot together it was like $90 pp.

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Six Po Hot Pot
146 Burwood Rd, Burwood NSW 2134
0416 477 881

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