La Favola – Newtown NSW Restaurant Review

We went with a group of friends and colleagues to La Favola, Newtown Italian restaurant and home to a RPA nurse who moonlights in greener pastures.

This is a piece of bread covered in some diced tomato and minimal greenery. Three of these bruschetta can be had for $15, making this a $5 plate. As far as breads go this was pretty pleasant, and as far as tomatoes go these definitely were some. It didn’t really sing out to me, though I guess not all entrees have to.

Moving into specialty entree territory, La Favola considers its calamari ($19) as a signature dish. These were pretty good, soft, and not too battered. Their pale colour implied that they did not swim in the oil for too long. There was nothing either good nor bad about the aioli.

We were offered but did not order the zucchini flowers ($25 for a plate, more than what is pictured), and yet they arrived. Our waitress assured us that we had ordered them when questioned, though none of our party owned believed we did. They were pretty tasty to be honest, filled to the brim with a soft mix of mozzarella and ricotta. But that’s not the point!

My pasta of the night was the seafood pasta (daily special – $35). It was a good pasta in a classic red sauce, loaded with mussels, prawn, and fish. The spaghetti was coated well in the umami, seafoody sauce, and though expensive I thought it was worth it. I probably didn’t need the additional bread on top of the bruschetta from earlier.

La Favola
170 King St, Newtown NSW 2042
(02) 8021 0002

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