Master Hot Pot – Eastwood NSW Restaurant Review

Contrary to what would be suggested by its name, Master Hot Pot is actually not a hotpot restaurant – it’s as malatang restaurant, and one of the only restaurants vaguely in the local area that opens late enough to go to after finishing work at 9:30PM.

The selection of meats, vegetables, tofu, seafood, and seafood based products at Master Hot Pot is broad. Patrons have the option of boiled or stir fried, with different bases to choose from as well. Seasoning is left up to the individual, with a station of condiments and sprinkles to be hand applied. There is therefore no blaming the restaurant if your bowl doesn’t taste exactly as you like.

There is a reasonable array of both non-alcoholic (think ITOEN ice green tea) and alcoholic (soju and beer) drinks to suit the local Asian populace.

Perhaps the most special thing about Master Hot Pot is that they are open until 2AM in the morning. They’re one of the only stores in the area to do so, and so when we visited at 11PM they were jam packed with local Asians of all descriptions having their late night dinner. Despite this, the restaurateurs manage to keep the facility clean and well kempt, as well as keep up with the mass of orders at a reasonable pace.

It’s a good place to be.

Master Hot Pot Eastwood
202 Rowe St, Eastwood NSW 2122
(02) 9804 7900

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