Pidapipó – Melbourne VIC Restaurant Review

We had some ice cream at Pidapipó’s Degraves St store after walking past a few times during our week in Melbourne.

My overall impression is that if this is peak Melbourne ice cream, then peak Melbourne ice cream is at least five years behind Sydney. The hot cross bun flavour was our favourite, and we appreciated that most of the flavours we had were not too sweet, but we felt that there was an overall lack of specialness. The waffle cones were mass market, from The Original Cone Company, and along with the ice cream itself didn’t quite reach the level of artisanship, even when compared to a Sydney chain like Gelato Messina, let alone a specialty store like Mapo.

I would invite any Melbourne-based ice cream enthusiasts to Mapo before leaving angry comments down below. If Pidapipó is in fact not top-tier Melbourne ice cream, please also feel free to correct me with your alternative suggestion.

Pidapipó CBD
8 Degraves St, Melbourne VIC 3000

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