Betty’s Burgers & Concrete Co – Parramatta NSW Restaurant Review

I must have walked past Betty’s Burgers & Concrete Co in the Melbourne CBD dozens of times, each time wondering to myself what kind of synergies could possibly exist between these two seemingly unrelated products. It was only recently, after reading a post in a closed Facebook group for food-enjoying white collar professionals (though I do not wear any collar to work), that I discovered that concrete was the name given by this chain of restaurants to their frozen desserts.

Enter frozen dessert. This is the Lemon Raspberry Cheeecake Concrete ($6). It was very sauced, and very sweet. I was not a big fan. That is all.

Betty’s Burgers & Concrete Co. Parramatta
Tenancy 4/01 , 12 Darcy St (Parramatta Square), Parramatta NSW 2150
(02) 9687 1514

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