Kuro-Sakura 焼肉黒桜 – Chatswood NSW Restaurant Review

The first time my friends went to Kuro-Sakura for yakiniku, I couldn’t make it. Missing a wagyu BBQ all you can eat buffet weighed heavily on my mind for months, but I finally managed to redirect our small group back so that we could have their $50 pp all you can eat wagyu shabu shabu.

Where shall we begin?

Seating time is generally a strict 90 minutes, but as one of our colleagues was rushing from work in the Eastern Suburbs they allowed us to stay a few minutes extra.

Ordering is via a touch screen tablet, however what you order is not necessarily what you get. Within our set all you can eat menu we had the option of ordering wagyu beef, edamame, lotus chips, and a variety of cabbage, tofu, shirataki noodle, enoki, and udon. What we found, however, was that the number of dishes of each side ordered did not correspond 1:1 with the number of dishes brought out from the kitchen. Ultimately this was fine, however it did mean that we had to order multiple rounds (and wait) rather than just a few.

The quality of the meat was good, with a good amount of intramuscular marbling for the price, but an unfortunate amount of intermuscular fat that could’ve been trimmed.

The vegetables and sides were fresh, and while I was intitially disappointed at the low variety of meat and vegetables on offer, my stance changed as I dug into this perfectly focused wholesome meal.

Drinks available within our all you can eat purchase were soft drink (no sugarfree variants were available), green tea, and iced matcha tea.

A good time. Go hungry.

15 Oscar St, Chatswood NSW 2067
(02) 8880 4580

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Hi Kiri

I attempted to email this to you but I wasn’t able to at the email address you left.

Thanks for reading my blog and commenting about your experience at Kuro-Sakura
I’m sorry you had a bad time there and I’m sorry if my positive review of them might have influenced you into going.
Unfortunately I can’t publish your comment on my site as the issues you ran into are not something I experienced myself.

I think it’s important to voice your opinions though, both good and bad, as I do frequently on my blog when I eat at places that turn out not so good. It might be better for you to get in touch with the restaurant directly, or leave a review somewhere else like on Google Maps.

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