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Mad Spuds Cafe – Surry Hills NSW Restaurant Review

UPDATE: Now permanently closed (prior to publication)

My partner is one of Sydney’s foremost potato fanatics, and Mad Spuds Cafe in Surry Hills had been on our hitlist for a while. Unfortunately, despite the potato heavy menu, we were disappointed.

One thing to note about the food at Mad Spuds Cafe is that the menu options by themselves feel a bit half cooked – that is, they feel incomplete and are lacking essential components. We had the Mad Spud Stack, a signature dish of the restaurant, which was a stacked dish consisting of a mashed potato patty, haloumi, avocado, spud skins, sweet potato, caramerlised onion, and sprouds, decorated with a solitary cherry tomato and yoghurt/balsamic glaze. While props had to be given to the plating and delicate balancing act of keeping all of these ingredients vertical, I found the taste to be quite bland. It was only with the addition of a sausage ($4) that we were able to turn this subtle tasting vegetarian dish into something more tasty, but even then I had my reservations.

My partner enjoyed the Sunny Salmon Rosti ($15.50) more than me. Again I thought that the flavour of t he rosti was too mild, however this time it was helped along by the smoked salmon. I will also take this opportunity to say that an extra $3 for a single poached egg is too much, even if it was poached to a perfect amount of runniness.

My partner paid $6.50 for a choose-your-own-adventure green juice. She liked it, but it would’ve been no one’s fault but her own if she hadn’t.

Don’t let the fun, casual name fool you. Mad Spuds Cafe plays it safe with its mild flavours, with no madness or spirit of exploration in sight. I would hesitate to bring a colleague here, especially considering the smorgasbord of yummy foods available elsewhere on Crown St.

Mad Spuds Cafe
479 Crown St, Surry Hills NSW 2010
(02) 9698 8108

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It’s honestly my fault for eating out so much that these reviews get queued and posted 2 years after I visit the restaurant. Not that I think my review would’ve changed the outcome.

The Mad Spuds Cafe is open now. The stack tastes yummy. Love Sunny Salmon Rosti too! Green juice is the perfect finish to any meal. I live in Surry Hills, and Mad Spuds Cafe is one of my favourites. Of course its a matter of taste, but I do not believe this wonderful cafe deserves a bad review. I love it! Cheers! Alex.

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