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Blackball – Eastwood NSW Restaurant Review

I thought my Qffle days were behind me, having had many a Qffle from the Blackball in 206 Bourke St back when I lived in Melbourne. It was only tonight, four years since my last Qffle, that I discovered that BlackBall does indeed have Sydney based stores. What a delight.

This is some milo soft serve. My girlfriend liked it. I didn’t care that much for it. It consists of milo soft serve, some sago balls, and quite a nice vanilla wafter biscuit. Honestly, just fine. Nothing like the Qffle.

This is the Qffle. Underground legend. It is a freshly made waffle with a very gooey centre. No too sweet and absolutely delicious. Great with ice cream, bubble tea, and also served with your choice of sweet or savoury topping. Also amazing on its own, which is how I like mine. Sleeper hit. No idea why it’s called what it is. Give it a try.

EDIT: After reading this entry my partner helped me to understand that the Qffle is clearly named after the gooey Q texture hidden just underneath the crispy outer layer.

Black Ball Eastwood
206 Rowe St, Eastwood NSW 2122
0406 588 133

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