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Armani – Parramatta NSW Restaurant Review

Our Egyptian colleague recommended Armani Restaurant as the victim of a recent work lunch. We each had a Chicken Shawarma Roll ($9). These rolls were miniature in size, but large in taste – reminiscent of the rolls at Fatima’s in Surry Hills. They were tightly packed pita rolls, with a filling of chicken, lettuce, pickles, and toum. The dominant ingredient was the chicken, with the roll containing significantly less greenery than your regular kebab. The strong garlic and pickle flavours were quite good, though the roll did lack a strong sense of freshness which is normally brought to the table by tomato, onion, or tabouli – three elements which are not authentic to Levantine Arabic shawarma but still delicious.

This is a strong roll and I would like to eat it again some day.

EDIT 2022: And did! Many times!

Armani Restaurant
5/354 Church St, Parramatta NSW 2150
(02) 8840 9453

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