BBQ Biwon – Strathfield NSW Korean Restaurant Review

There was neither rhyme nor reason behind our choice to eat at BBQ Biwon amongst the 50 other Korean restaurants in Strathfield earlier this week. We just happened to luck into a good one with good prices.

Banchan selection was extensive. I was today years old when I discovered that I am allergic to all forms of raw crustacean – I ended up cooking the Yangnyeom Gejang on the grill instead.

The steamed egg was something I was keen to spend a few dollars on, but surprisingly came free with the BBQ meats. It was light and fluffy on the top, with the internal components just a little bit more textured. It felt warming and wholesome and reminded me of the steamed egg that I would make as a Asian child in Western Sydney.

While I’m told that BBQ Biwon’s BBQ sets are quite good value, we found that no set had a range that encompassed all three main animals – beef, pork, and chicken. As such we decided to order our portions individually. We had the Wagyu Rib Fingers ($27), Pork Belly (6 pieces for $21) and Soy Marinated Chicken Thigh ($22). Our first three slices of pork belly were placed onto our grill and following that we were essentially left to our own devices. The meat was of a normal quality for the price – the fact that the rib finger came from an alleged Wagyu cow made no difference to its taste. The pork belly was served with leaves, garlic, and green chilli pepper for wrapping.

The Beef Rib and Cabbage Stew ($18) was very large and filling. There was a huge amount of meat that we weren’t even able to finish. The flavour of the soup was good, and it was very nice and warming. It made me think of the difference between what Korean kids and non-Korean kids must think when their parents tell them they’re having soup for dinner. Korean soup is just four steps above a standard soup. I could totally recommend this soup alone as a quick and cheap and very filling meal.

4/5. I can recommend BBQ Biwon . We had a good and reasonably priced meal.

BBQ Biwon
42 The Boulevarde, Strathfield NSW 2135
(02) 8068 1221

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