Yummy Seafood Chinese Restaurant – Beverly Hills NSW Restaurant Review

There aren’t that many restaurants that take new customers at 1AM, but Yummy Seafood Chinese Restaurant in Beverly Hills is one of them. To the annoyance of the restaurant’s staff, we ordered only one dish between the two of us. Looking around us however we saw multiple groups of young Chinese in their early 20s eating lobster in the dead of night.

500g Pipis in XO Sauce with vermicelli ($44.80)

I’ve been wanting to go to XOPP or Golden Century to try their XO Pipis for some time, but a whole constellation of reasons have meant that I have yet to go. I took the opportunity of eating without my seafood-averse girlfriend to order the the Pipis in XO Sauce ($59.60/kg – market price) with vermicelli ($15 add-on).

The meal was really just OK. The vermicelli was nicely fried, and the XO sauce which coated the pipis and noodles added a good slightly spicy flavour to it. The pipis were fresh from the tank but honestly didn’t taste that fresh or flavourful.

We were served watermelon and orange after our single dish meal and hurried out with some looks just as their closing time of 2AM hit. (There were some high rollers still eating.)

3.5/5 late night special

Yummy Seafood Chinese Restaurant
477 King Georges Rd, Beverly Hills NSW 2209
(02) 9580 0788

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