Ziggy’s Chicken – Parramatta NSW Restaurant Review

Ziggy’s Chicken is a relative newcomer to the Parramatta food scene, offering up a range of grilled and deep fried chicken meals topped with some extremely sharp pricing.

The Ziggy’s Crispy Chicken Sandwich ($6.50) was actually beyond in terms of size, quality, and price. A large thigh fillet topped in tartare sauce and sandwiched between two halves of a buger bun, this sandwich really does call into question what makes a sandwich and what makes a burger. The crumbed and deep fried fillet was juicy and tasty, and the sauce adequate to make a difference. A real bargain find.

The Ziggy’s Original Roast Half Chicken ($10.50) was again very well priced and moist. The spring onions didn’t do a whole lot, but the lemon was good and a wide selection of sauces was on offer as well.

The Mixed Fried Pieces ($15) was again delicious and great value for money. The seasoning was plain but luckily not too salty, a problem that does happen with some of the other fried chicken vendors in the local area. I think it would be nice if they also offered a spicy variety, though they have really only just opened in the past month and are probably still refining their menu. A wide selection of sauces was on offer, and I chose the mango habanero sauce and the zesty signature peri peri sauce, both of which were decent.

On a subsequent order (following the writing of the below verdict), we ordered the chicken nuggets ($4). They were actually quite disappointing, strongly reminiscent of supermarket nuggets as opposed to the kind of nuggets generally offered up by multinational golden arch restaurants.

Ziggy’s Chicken offers up strong and well priced competition to established Western Sydney juggernauts, and will be one to keep an eye on in the future.

Ziggy’s Chicken
310 Church St, Parramatta NSW 2150
0466 359 963

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