The New Dong Dong Noodles – Kingsford NSW Restaurant Review

It pains me to not be able to write a proper review for The New Dong Dong Noodles in Kingsford, it having been almost a year since I last had their food.

The overall theme for this restaurant was good quality, authentic Chinese food at good prices. I will provide you with some photos of takeaway meals but unfortunately not much commentary.

I’m a big fan of Hokkein fried rice ($17.80), and The New Dong Dong does it well.

The brisket in the beef brisket and dumpling dried egg noodle soup ($16.50) was plentiful and authentic, though I was not a fan of the egg noodle’s flavour themselves.

I think this Shandong (Shan Tung) chicken ($19.80) was OK, though I have had both better and worse.

I’ve never been able to keep my girlfriend away from salt and pepper pork chops ($18) and The New Dong Dong Noodles’ were no exception.

The beef with egg gravy and fried rice ($16.30) was good with good flavours, though I think the balance would’ve been better with just a little bit more topping or just a little bit less rice.

Overall, very good and very satisfying place to order Chinese food from in the Eastern Suburbs.

The New Dong Dong Noodles
428 Anzac Parade, Kingsford NSW 2032
(02) 9662 1877

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