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The Smelly Cheesecake – Strathfield NSW Cafe Review

Just quickly, we had a couple of slices of cheesecake at The Smelly Cheesecake the other day.

The original cheesecake (L) was really not that special. It was slightly oversweet, with an airy and creamy top component and a denser bottom layer. Not really what I’d go to a specialty cheesecake shop for.

The blue cheesecake (R) was actually quite good. It really lived up to the cafe’s name of being slightly smelly. It had a deep richness with a hint of blue flavour that was present but not overpowering. Quite a special slice of cheesecake that’s worth trying.

Get what’s special, don’t get what’s not special. Easy.

The Smelly Cheesecake Strathfield
Shop2/2 Albert Rd, Strathfield New South Wales 2135
0452 273 559

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