Ribs & Burgers – Eastgardens NSW Restaurant Review

My first experience with Ribs and Burgers was in March 2020, when I had the luck and pleasure of availing a brief 50% off offer for frontline healthcare workers. While the concept of providing discounts to healthcare workers with stable employment in the face of widespread job losses seemed a bit iffy to me I must admit I did enjoy the huge amount of (unphotographed) food that I got for under $50.

Ribs and Burgers, without a discount, is a much different beast. While there’s nothing particularly wrong about the food that they serve, the prices are sky-high, even compared to competitors like Hog’s Breath.

Mexican Wrap

This Mexican Wrap ($17.90) of grilled chicken and guacamole was fine but not amazing. The chicken was tender and there was a large serving of guacamole, but at $18 I’d sure expect there to be.

Crispy Louisiana

The Crispy Louisiana ($18.90) is a burger in the vein of fried chicken. As you can probably see from this photo the “crispy” component of the name is mostly in the imagination. While it was not bad it was not quite a $19 burger. If you have a hankering for a Southern fried chicken burger I’d suggest you look to a specialty store like Belle’s Hot Chicken instead – cheaper and more delicious.

The Pork Babyback ribs ($49.90) – not pictured were quite tasty and tender, but again very expensive.

Spicy Mexican Burger

The Spicy Mexican Burger ($14.90) was actually pretty good. Juicy, tasty, well sauced, and the meat had a nice chargrill flavour to it.

Potato salad

The potato salad ($7.90) was pretty middling, although my partner did appreciate that the pickles were on top and not mixed into the salad – she doesn’t like it when potato salads are too sour.


I wouldn’t get Ribs & Burgers at full price, but I would at a steep discount.


Ribs & Burgers Eastgardens
FC3/152 Bunnerong Rd, Eastgardens NSW 2036
(02) 9344 7788

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