Chong Qing Ji Gong Bao Hotpot – Kingsford NSW Restaurant Review

Let me tell you about the good vibes I have about this place in Kingsford. We went once in 2020, mid-June during the COVID-19 pandemic.
We arrive around closing time, but the restaurant was still happy to accommodate us.

The staff were Mandarin speaking, but also with English skills. Service was really nice, and the restaurant felt very homely. It was a cosy place and I felt welcome and at ease.

The ingredients were fresh and nothing out of the ordinary. Though being a specialty chicken hot pot restaurant, there was still the full variety of other animals to eat.

I had a nice time. We paid only $90 for two people for a full meal. I would go back.

Chong Qing Ji Gong Bao Kingsford
516 Anzac Parade, Kingsford NSW 2032

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