Schnitzel Shop – Botany NSW Restaurant Review

Schnitzel Shop is a recently opened takeaway joint in Banksmeadow/Botany, located quite close to Croquembouche Patisserie. They offer a simple diner menu of rolls and burgers, with salad ingredients prepared by a young woman and the meats freshly cooked on the grill by a man who appears to be the owner.

pork belly roll

I had the pork belly roll ($8.50). Service was quick, and the roll was jam packed with juicy fresh salad components. The pork belly was not what I expected (I don’t know why I would expect a Caucasian man and a south-Asian lady to make me a Vietnamese banh mi) but was good in its own way.

chicken schnitzel roll

I also had a chicken schnitzel roll, however I was only able to have it after ten hours in the fridge, and then a minute in the microwave. It wasn’t as good as the pork belly roll, but I can’t say if it was due to the travel time.

While I can recommend Schnitzel Shop I wouldn’t go so far as to recommend actively going out of your way to go there. It’s more of a local spot.

Schnitzel Shop
1645 Botany Rd, Banksmeadow NSW 2019
(02) 9316 9354

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