爱吃帝烧烤部落 HD Chinese Skewers BBQ – Kingsford NSW Restaurant Review

I’ve had delivery from 爱吃帝烧烤部落 HD Chinese Skewers BBQ a couple of times now. The first time was great, the second time was pretty middling. Let me tell you.

The Signature Lamb Skewers ($13.50 – left) were delicious the first time I had them. They came really fresh and crispy – it is lamb but it is aboslutely coated in a light amount of batter, cumin, and chillis. The second time I ordered, however, was a bit more soggy and disappointing.

The Black Pepper Sauce Wagyu Skewers ($14 – right) were very tender and good. I can highly recommend them.

The roasted chicken wings ($12 – not pictured) were yummy but they only gave 2, making them $6 each. No thanks.

The Spicy Cold Noodles ($15.80) were delicious. Sour and tasty, the cold temperature great for a warm day. It is relatively similar to Korean cold noodles.

I can recommend 爱吃帝烧烤部落 HD Chinese Skewers BBQ, however given the inconsistency in quality I would recommend eating in rather than getting delivery to make sure that you’re getting the skewers fresh.

爱吃帝烧烤部落 HD Chinese Skewers BBQ
371 Anzac Parade, Kingsford NSW 2032
0480 241 968

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