Filante Woodfire Pizzeria – Banksmeadow NSW Pizza Review

Filante is a new pizza restaurant that has opened up in the midst of the COVID-19 respiratory pandemic. After getting ubereats from them a few times, I decided to up the ante (and save myself a bit of money) but visiting them in person.

I visited on a wet August night after work. There were anumber of people in the store doing their socially distanced thing around a large woodfired pizza oven.

Below are the results.

I liked the Burina ($22), a cheesy, meaty kind of pizza.

I got the patate e salsiccia ($19) specifically for my girlfriend, who loves potato but ate very little of this. This made me very disappointed.

I enjoyed the Romana ($20) pizza, which I felt had a little bit of everything, including weird things like egg.

I could have lived without the arancini with porcini mushroom and truffle ($6), however that is true in most cases. I normally only enjoy mini arancini as I feel they have a more superior exterior to interior ratio.

Despite the brief review, I enjoyed Filante. It’s some of my favourite pizza that I can get delivered to my home, and I plan to continue eating their pizza for as long as I can.

5 stars.

Filante Woodfire Pizzeria
19A Greenfield St, Banksmeadow NSW 2019
(02) 8005 2378

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