Brother Restaurant – Rosebery NSW Chinese Restaurant Review

I am glad to tell you that I think Brother Restaurant is actively bad.

We had the pork dumplings ($16.80), the small braised chicken – not pictured ($30), and the beef fried noodle XO Sauce ($16.80).

The pork dumplings were small and had strong frozen supermarket dumpling energy. I don’t want to slander them but if you set me up with a bowl of dumplings that were from the frozen section of your ocal Asian grocery tsore and these dumplings I would not be able to tell you which one was $16.80 from a restaurant and which one was $4 from the supermarket.

The beef fried noodle in XO sauce was very salty with minimal meat.

The braised chicken had a reasonable flavour with chicken and potato, however was a very small quantity (a takeaway box) for $30 – did they just make this number up? – and the chicken was very bony.

I cannot recommend Brother Restaurant at all. Skip the graded escalation and just tell me to STOP if I try to order from them again.

Brother Restaurant
411 Gardeners Rd, Rosebery NSW 2018

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