Se Jong Korean BBQ Buffet – Campsie NSW Restaurant Review

Not to be confused with the very similarly named Se Joung Korean BBQ Restaurant on Evaline St near Woolworths!

Se Jong Korean BBQ Buffet is a Korean BBQ buffet charging $38 per person for 2 hours for dinner. They have your usual selection of meats, however the during the COVID-19 respiratory pandemic they have changed to a menu ordering system as opposed to a self serve system.

Their meat was the usual fare. Nothing special. Don’t fall for the trap of getting the “waygu”. Regardless of the genotype the phenotype doesn’t impress.

Side dishes were actually not bad. The noodles were good.

I don’t think I’ll come back to Se Jong. Nothing stood out to me, although it would be a good place for a couple of hungry lads to optimise their returns. They have a sister store in Carlingford which we went to a couple of years back, which we enjoyed less.

Eight out of ten cows

Se Jong Korean BBQ Buffet Campsie
8 London St, Campsie NSW 2194
(02) 9787 7126

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