The Northeast Restaurant – Kingsford NSW Restaurant Review

The Northeast Restaurant is a small group of restaurants serving North Eastern Chinese cuisine throughout Sydney. The Kingsford store is open relatively late (until 10PM), and was a great option for a quick dumpling-based meal after work.

Ordering at the Northeast Restaurant was via an app on their instore iPad, and service was quick and efficient (although we were the only ones there at around 9PM).

We really enjoyed all of their dumplings. The pork mince, egg, and chive dumplings are very similar to the ones that I grew up with. The pork mince with Sauerkraut was also very good, as was the pork mince with cabbage ones. All were very juicy and well cooked. I have a personal preference for boiled dumplings and was glad to see them make an appearance, as I feel like too many Chinese restaurants only offer the option of steamed or pan fried.

The pig ear with bean curd and chives was good but I think by the time we got to them we were a bit too full. They are probably too salty to eat without rice, so if you’re keen to try them make sure you eat them with rice. We still have some leftovers in our fridge.

Overall I can highly recommend The Northeast Restaurant for your Kingsford dumpling needs. Their food is much better quality than Chinese Dumpling & Noodle Restaurant across the road, which is a place I never want to go back to. Five out of five dumplings.

The Northeast Restaurant Kingsford
436 Anzac Parade, Kingsford NSW 2032

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