No.1 Malatang 壹號麻辣燙 – Kingsford NSW Restaurant Review

Wow. What a legitimately bad time for two humans.

No 1 Malatang (壹號麻辣燙) was one of the only restaurants open late on a weekday night in Kingsford. The first thing you notice when you enter is the toilet-like smell, concentrated in the area where you choose your ingredients. We should have turned back then but unfortunately hunger won and we prevailed.

The ingredients weren’t fresh, so much so that when we were waiting for our food to be cooked we saw one of the staff members holding up a tray of raw meat to sniff it to see if it was still good.

Once the meal arrived some of the ingredients (notably the tofu and the quail eggs) tasted unusual.

Towards the end of our meal we noticed that the honey tea which we had paid $3.50 for each had expired five months ago in January.

Overall, dining No 1 Malatang in Kingsford was an awful experience that had us wondering whether we should just leave even though we had already paid the entire time. I am very concerned about the food safety at this restaurant and actually don’t think places like this should exist.

I would strongly advise you avoid this restaurant and instead visit Yang Guo Fu Malatang which is just down the road.

No 1 Malatang Kingsford
522 Anzac Parade, Kingsford NSW 2032

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